Culinary Services Staff

Director of Culinary Services: 
Carmen Welinski
(320) 363-5140
[email protected]

Associate Director of Culinary Services:
Phillip Paulson
(320) 363-5143
[email protected]

Associate Director of Events & Catering:
Jessica Reiter
(320) 363-5791
[email protected]

Executive Chef:
Zakry Townsend

Retail Dining Manager:
Justin Smelter
[email protected]

Retail Dining Assistant Manager:
Tiffany Grebinoski
[email protected]

Dining Assistant Manager:
Spencer Vogel
[email protected]

Menu Management/Data Specialist:
Michelle Brisk-Wallace
(320) 363-5405
[email protected]

Events Manager:
Adrienne Zeller
(320) 363-5779
[email protected]

Catering Manager:
Cynthia Oxley
(320) 363-5145                        

[email protected]BSJU.EDU

Culinary Office Manager:
Molly Neyssen
(320) 363-5177
[email protected]