Intramural League Participant Evaluation Form

Please complete the following information. Your feedback is critical for future planning of the CSB Intramural Leagues.

League(s) your team participated in - check all that apply if your team plays multiple nights.

Intramurals are important to me because: (check all that apply)
What I think are important elements of being part of a team: (check all that apply)
Communication from Campus Recreation to you as the team captain regarding schedules, changes, timeliness of communication, etc.

Quality of our department web page, ease of obtaining league schedules, team standings and policies for intramurals via our web page.

Campus Recreation Staff: quality of officiating, knowledge of league rules/sport in general.

Variety of sport leagues CSB Campus Recreation offers for CSB/SJU students.

What is the most inconvenient night to participate in intramurals sports?