• Roster consists of a max of two, minimum one (CSB Women only). If you need a sub to play your game on a particular week, add their name to your team roster.


  • Roster consists of a max of four, minimum of two (2 CSB or 1 CSB/1 SJU).
Checking in your team

All teams (at least 1 person from the team) MUST SIGN IN AT THE CAMPUS RECREATION DESK by their scheduled game time.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.  Each team must be on the court AND ready to play by ten minutes after their scheduled game time-ALL GAMES WILL START NO LATER THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER THEIR SCHEDULED TIME. Failure of a team not being on the court and ready to play will result in a forfeit.  It is not the responsibility of the official/court supervisors to find teams to get their games going.  It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure their team is on the court and ready to play.


  1. Matches consist of the best of 3 sets of 6 games
  2. A racket spin or coin toss determines first service. If the choice of service or receiver is chosen, the opponent chooses which side to start.
  3. The server shall stand behind the baseline on the court within the boundaries of the singles court when playing singles and within the doubles sideline when playing doubles. All even points are played from the rightside of the court and odd number points played from the leftside of the court. The server shall not serve until the receiver is ready. Serves are made from the endline to the opponents service box on the court. If the server misses his target twice, he loses the point. If the ball hits the net and goes in the correct service box, another serve is granted. If the server steps on the baseline before contact is made, the serve is deemed a fault.

  4. The receiver is deemed ready if an attempt is made to return the server's ball. The receiver can stand where he likes but must let the ball bounce in the service box. If the ball does not land in the service box, it is deemed a fault and a second serve is given. If the ball is hit by either opponent before the ball bounces, the server wins the point.

  5. The server always calls his score first. If the server wins the first point, he gets a score of 15. Scoring is done like a clock. See example below. Love means zero in tennis. The second point is called 30. The third point is called 40. If the score is 40-40, also known as deuce, one side must win by two points. Advantage-In means if the server wins the next point, he wins the game. Advantage-Out means the receiver has a chance to win the game on the next point.

    LOVE 15-30-40

  6. After the game, the opponents serve. Games equal 1. The first to win 6 games, by one game, wins the set. The first to win 2 sets wins the match.

  7. If the ball goes into the net, or outside the boundaries of the court, the player who hit that ball loses the point. If the ball hits the net during the point and goes into the opponents court, the ball is in play. A player loses the point if they touche the net, drops their racquet while hitting the ball, bounces the ball over the net,  the ball touches the player or partner, or if the player deliberately tries to distract the opponent.

  8. A ball that lands on the line is good.

  9. If players serve out of turn or serve to the wrong person or court, the point or game will stand and order will be resumed following the point or game.