Healing through Blogging

Kate Johnson Doubler '03 arrived at Saint Ben's with a passion for healing, and identified a major she felt would lead her confidently in the direction of her dreams. As a nursing student, she threw herself whole heartedly into her studies, and did not waste a minute of her time here on campus. As she learned more and more about the world of medicine, she also developed an interest for other aspects of health, especially natural food. 

"I was just so hungry for that aspect of healing that I spent a lot of time researching natural wellness options. I also worked in an organic garden on campus with Sister Phyllis. That was one of the hardest jobs I've ever had, but it taught me such an appreciation for where food comes from," remembers Kate. Kate left Saint Ben's armed with a nursing degree and an appreciation for natural and healthy food, determined to solve the health problems facing society today. As a nurse, she was able to provide immediate treatment for many people, but she was also getting frustrated with the inefficiencies of the health system, and the lack of emphasis on prevention education. Kate began filling this education gap by sharing her recipes online. It did not take long for her blog to pick up speed, and soon enough it became an income generating machine! Now, more than 300,000 people a month are visiting her website,www.realfoodrn.com, to learn how to live healthier and more natural lives.  Kate's entrepreneurial journey was not always easy, but she had handled every challenge with grace and perseverance, fueled by her passion to educate and heal. As someone with limited business knowledge, Kate looked to other food and health bloggers for guidance, and has become a member of a community of women who support and share her ambitions. Through the assistance of her blogging community, she has learned how to code her website, manage her team and create a thriving enterprise.  In the future, Kate hopes to continue educating and informing through new business initiatives. "My goal is to get my blog to a high enough revenue to create some kind of women's center that includes natural medicine techniques," says Kate. "I just want to get the word out and educate people on how to live a healthier life." Her advice to anyone contemplating voyaging off the beaten path? "First, read and research and find a way! Second, don't let other people's opinions on what you're going to do influence your dreams. And lastly, when you do work that you love, it's not work."