Senior Giving FAQ

I already pay tuition, why should I make a gift as a student? 

The moment you stepped foot on campus, you became an essential member of this deeply connected community for life. A community further strengthened by those that believe in giving back - each generation doing its part supporting the next. Someone before you made the choice to give back, and now it is your turn to continue the tradition. We know you make a significant investment in your education through tuition. Tuition, however, only pays about 80 percent of the cost of the average student's education, and the other 20 percent comes from institutional support, including donations from alumnae, parents and friends. Your gift has power when it is added to the philanthropic support of our donors. It is an investment in your community, your classmates and yourself.  You are worth it.

Besides, why wait to graduate to show your appreciation for your college?

Why does Saint Ben's ask for annual gifts?

Saint Ben's is a non-profit.  This means two things: gifts are tax-deductible (awesome!) and as a college, we don't make a profit (hence, non-profit). We count on our community to help make this experience accessible for another Bennies each and every year.

If I make a gift to Saint Ben's, does my gift go to Saint John's as well?

No. The gifts designated to Saint Ben's will directly benefit Saint Ben's students, whereas gifts designated to Saint John's directly benefit Saint John's students.

I attend both schools though, why does my money only go to one?

Although the institutions are joint in most of their experiences, the students still graduate from their respective schools. Just like each school has its own facilities (libraries, academic buildings, dorms) and presidents, financially they are separate. When you give back to your alma mater, you make it possible for someone else to experience the unique coordinate, gendered, liberal arts education at Saint Ben's and Saint John's just like you did.

Once I make a gift to Saint Ben's, where does it go?

Your gift goes 100 percent to current scholarships.

How many students receive financial assistance?

Over 90 percent of students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships and/or grant assistance, but every student benefits from the philanthropic support of our donors.

Honestly, what difference can my gift make?

All gifts make a difference. A gift combined with the gifts from thousands of other students, alumnae, parents and friends makes a large impact. It is philanthropic support that makes excellence possible.

Don't other causes need my gift more?

There are many worthy causes to support and Bennies, inspired by the Benedictine values, generously contribute to a wide range of causes. We encourage you to support the causes that you feel passionately about, and we hope that Saint Ben's is on the list. Your gift will help support the coordinate mission of the institutions to prepare students to go on to leadership roles in their communities, putting their education to work and making a difference each and every day.

Why is it important for alumnae to give back to Saint Ben's?

That's a great question! When alumnae make an annual gift, they are giving back to more than the institution. Their contributions are assisting future Bennies in sharing the same amazing opportunities they experienced when they were students. Alumnae participation is a public demonstration of alumnae satisfaction with their alma mater, which helps rankings and increases the value of their degrees!