Rose B.


I grew up in Saint Joseph and both of my parents went to CSB/SJU so I was fairly familiar with the campuses. We spent many Saturdays at Johnnie football games in the fall watching the game and eating Johnnie bread. When it came time to decide where I wanted to go to school, I honestly never imagined that I would be going to Saint Ben's because it was so close to home.

I began my freshman year at Saint Mary's with a biology major because they did not have nursing there. I transferred to Saint Ben's halfway through my freshman year of college because I wanted to pursue a nursing major and wanted to be closer to home. Although it was relatively challenging transferring halfway through a school year, I had so much help from my coaches and teammates. I was placed in the Health and Wellness community in housing my freshman year, made great friends through that, and am currently on the Health and Wellness floor this year again.

I have loved the small class sizes and welcoming community on campus. Being able to meet with professors one-on-one and go over lecture material and knowing that my professors all know the students on a first name basis is something that I really love about CSB/SJU. I also really enjoy being at a division 3 school where I can work hard at my studies while also participating on the Swim and Dive team. Both the coaches and teachers here really work with the athletes to make sure they are excelling at both their schooling and their sports while making sure that athletics is not taking priority over academics. Although I had no clear intentions to attend the College of Saint Benedict during my senior year in high school, I am so glad that I was able to make the switch and find the perfect fit.

Rose B. '17 | Saint Joseph, Minn.

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