Maria K.


When I finally took the time to reflect on my high school experience, I came to the conclusion that I had lost myself. I let others define who I was, and I introduced myself by naming the sports and extracurricular activities that I was involved in. Although these things helped shape who I am, it wasn't until I began my journey at Saint Ben's that I started to discover my identity.

Like many others, I came here thinking I knew exactly what I would be doing for the next four years. My way was paved by two older siblings who also attended here, and I thought it would be a breeze. I have experienced very little of what I expected to, and I have grown in more ways than I could have imagined. The relationships I have formed motivate me to continue reaching out and connecting with others. The knowledge I have gained both in and outside of my major has instilled a love of lifelong learning. The buzz of religion, politics, sports, and education has given me the opportunity to discover and reflect on my own beliefs and values. I could go on and on.

I am now a junior, and as the reality that I am over halfway done sinks in, I can say that my time at the College of Saint Benedict has truly allowed me to find myself. If you were to ask me who I am today, my hope is that you would know something more than just my name, major, and hometown. I have hopes and dreams that I believe will happen because of the foundation I built and stand on here. Once a Bennie, Always a Bennie!

Maria K. '17 | Farmington, Minn.

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