Elizabeth M.


When I was in high school, I had a meeting with my guidance counselor to discuss what I was looking for in a college. He gave me a list of schools, and on that list was the College of Saint Benedict. As a second generation American, I was not very keen on the idea of moving so far away since I was living in Texas with my family but I decided to apply, anyway. During the waiting time, I got a visit from Laura Stork, the Assistant Director of Admission, and she sealed the deal. I wanted to go to Saint Ben's.

Later, I got accepted and the day that I received my acceptance letter was the day that I knew I had to go to CSB. I came up to Minnesota for a fly-in weekend, and the hospitality on campus was unbelievable! As I returned home, I told my family all about this school, but they were reluctant to let me go; they were worried that we couldn't afford it. My family and I crunched the numbers, and I found that I had received a scholarship that would cover a large portion of my tuition. My family saw this as a gift, and I had to accept.

My parents were scared to let me attend a school so far away from home, so they decided to help me move in and get a feel for the college. They were absolutely amazed with both the beauty and hospitality of the campus, and that helped them to feel at ease while helping me move in.

Now as a current student, I still count on those scholarships, and I find myself happy with the path that I am on. As a first generation college student, I have decided to study Nutrition, with a focus on food studies, and Hispanic studies, as well. I am a member of student organizations such as PRiSM, and Asia Club. I am also a Barista at the student run coffee shop, Clemens Perk.  Every day, I am learning new things, and finding my way, here at CSB. I try to give back by helping out my classmates and continue to put a smile on my face. Thank you to all of the people who believe in our Benedictine values, and to all of those people who have made it possible for me to be able to attend this wonderful school!

Elizabeth M. '17 | Houston, Texas

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