Colleen W.


When I first started my college search, I had never heard of the College of Saint Benedict. It was not until half way through my fall semester of my senior year when I first became acquainted with the name. My college advisor suggested that on my trip to visit another private College in Minnesota. I travel three extra hours to see a unique college that satisfied what I wanted in a college: The College of Saint Benedict.

So a few weeks later I was on my way to visit CSB. After a crazy car ride that included a random traffic jam, almost running out of gas, and getting lost multiple times, I was finally on campus...three hours late. I was too late for my scheduled appointment, but a Bennie gave me a tour of the campus. I fell in love immediately. The campus was beautiful, the sense of community was incredible, and I loved all of the traditions that came along with the school. CSB jumped to the top of my college list.

As my acceptance letters began to come in the mail, the only college I was looking forward to hear from was CSB. I was so excited to get accepted. I visited CSB again during fly-in weekend offered by Admission's for prospective out-of-state students, and further confirmed that Saint Ben's was the college for me.

Before I accepted, I was a little worried about the financial aid I would receive because it would determine if I could attend CSB or not. When I got word of my scholarships and financial aid packet, I was so relived because it helped make Saint Ben's affordable. I was going to be a Bennie. The generosity of those who give to CSB is what made my experience at CSB possible, without them I would not be able to attend this great institution. I look forward to when I give back to CSB so that future Bennies can experience what I have. 

Colleen W.  '17 | Westchester, Ill.

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