Eight Bennies Collaborate to Show The World "Through Our Eyes"

Finding a common theme for the crowning event on the CSB and SJU visual arts calendar this spring wasn’t easy for the eight artists who participated as part of their capstone experience before graduation. While the exhibition included digital and mixed media, ceramics, fiber and audio art as well as drawings and paintings, the senior class of art majors had at least one thing in common: They were all women. Thus, they found similarities in their experience and what they wanted to convey through their work. The result was “Through Our Eyes.”

The contributors included 2023 Bennies Kennedy Christensen, Amanda Dressel, Carolina Gonzalez, Ami Kitajima, Marisol Montes De Oca, Anna Renee Nation, Grace Schneider and Luhan Zheng. Their collection spoke to the growth of their personal philosophies and outlooks on the world through various stages of life, as well as anticipation for people to understand or relate. In addition to having their work on display from April 1, through May 6, the eight artists hosted a reception and panel discussion, as well as presenting at this year’s Celebrating Scholarship and Creativity Day.

They worked on their contributions for the majority of their senior year. But the emotion they put into their efforts was the result of many years of observation.

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