Fill up on Bennie goodness

You were a student for four years, but you are a Bennie forever. And you’re a special Bennie because you said yes when Saint Ben’s asked you to be a Class Representative. We know that the work of staying connected to your classmates can be demanding. You represent on social media, you write e-mails and make phone calls to foster that spirit of the Bennie sisterhood. And from time to time, you might feel tired or fed up with one more e-mail from campus.

In those moments, we encourage you to think about coming home to Saint Ben’s to fill yourself back up on some Bennie goodness. Here are three easy ways to restore your love of Saint Ben’s:

  • Reach out to your favorite professor and ask to have lunch or a coffee meeting. A visit with a professor can reignite your passion for learning, help you make sense of a complicated issue in your daily life and remind you how hard you worked to earn your degree. Faculty love to hear from alumnae and it would make their day to know you feel inspired by what you learned from them. Check out the on-line directory to find your favorite professor’s phone number of e-mail.
  • Make a connection to the Saint Benedict’s Monastery. Whether it’s reaching out to your former Benedictine Friend, requesting prayers from the community, or attending a program from the monastery’s spirituality center, the Sisters have always been there for us as students and as alumnae. Their Benedictine tradition of hospitality will restore your energy in a heartbeat!
  • Come back to campus and stop by the office of your favorite staff person. From housekeeping to athletic coaches to your favorite residence hall staff person, the staff of Saint Ben’s played a part in helping you succeed in reaching your goals as a student. When was the last time you connected with a student employment supervisor? Remember meeting with staff in the Career Center and how they wanted to help you find your life’s calling? We all want what’s best for you, even today.

As an alumna, you and your classmates are welcome back to campus any day for any purpose. Come on your own, or come with a group of classmates. Call us in Alumnae Relations and we can help you set up a visit, tell you where to find your favorite professor or staff person. Or just come to campus to eat a special k bar and walk around this beloved place to soak up some Bennie goodness.