Emily Heying

Class Giving/YAPC Committee

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Royalton, Minn.

Why CSB: I chose CSB because I saw just how wonderfully this institution impacted my sister and cousin who are both Bennies. I was immediately welcomed into the community when I would visit campus, even before I was old enough to apply for enrollment, and it was that sense of hospitality that drew me to this school. After researching more about all the incredible opportunities I would have if I were to become a Bennie, I knew that I this was the place for me.

Why I'm a Class Representative: I am a Class Representative because my time at CSB has meant more to me than I thought possible. I want to be able to make sure that the connections I have made with my fellow Bennies stay strong while maintaining communication with the College.

Why I give back: I give back because without access to scholarships, I would not have been able to become a Bennie. After working in Institutional Advancement, I've been able to learn about the impact that every single gift has, no matter what size, and I can't imagine not helping future Bennies receive the same support that I've received.