Elizabeth Schneider

Communications Committee, Chair

Major: Communication major; English/Writing minor

Hometown: Morris, Minn.

Why CSB: I decided to come to CSB first and foremost for the sense of community that it radiated during my college visit. I had attended basketball camps at CSB and visited my sister while she attended so I already had a slight feel for the campus prior to my official campus visit. The love and passion that my tour guides had for CSB was evident and I ended up comparing every other visit to this one; none could compare. I knew that I wanted to make the College of Saint Benedict my home, and so I did.  

Why I'm a Class Representative: I'm a Class Representative because throughout my four years at CSB, my love, passion and excitement for the college has grown in a way that made me want to continue representing not only the school, but my amazing class of Bennies. I want to represent what CSB stands for and to be that spokesperson for my class during senior year and into the future.

Why I give back: I give back to CSB because I know what it's like to be on the other end of the spectrum. Giving back to Saint Ben's not only solidifies my love and belief in the school, but it ensures that future and current Bennies will be able to receive the amazing education, opportunities and experiences that I am so thankful to have received from others before me. It's my way of paying it forward so that others can receive a CSB experience.