Christine Palmer

Committee Communications

Major: Nursing

Hometown: River Falls, Wis.

Why CSB: The community is what sold me on coming to CSB. I love the atmosphere and environment of the campus as well as the kindness and welcoming nature of the students, staff and faculty here. My mother and grandmother are also both Bennies and they are two of the greatest role models in my life. I saw how Saint Ben's shaped them into being critical thinkers and leaders, and I am seeing how Saint Ben's is similarly shaping me into being a well-rounded nurse. 

Why I'm a Class Representative: To be honest, I am so scared about leaving the comforts of CSB. I want to be part of something where I can still feel connected with the school and my fellow Bennies. Being a class rep will help me keep people connected and keep people passionate about CSB and being Bennies.

Why I give back: I have had so many amazing opportunities at CSB. Through Saint Ben's, I have been able to participate in five short-term study abroad trips or international volunteer trips. I have been able to develop myself as a leader and as a future nurse who has the Benedictine Values as the base of how I will practice. I want to make sure that future Bennies have the opportunity to get an education that prepares them for the future and gives them opportunities to enrich their lives.