Lexi Streifel


Major: Biology - Pre-Medicine

Hometown: Bismarck, N.D.

Why CSB:I chose CSB because of the palpable sense of community, the genuine compassion and dedication that faculty and staff had for their students, and the opportunity for profound personal growth. As a senior in high school, most schools I was looking at had the attraction of strong pre-medical programs or good academics; at CSB, they had that and so much more. I'm immensely proud to be a Bennie, and I'm excited to wear this title long after graduation!

Why I'm a Class Representative: Like many of my classmates, I'm really attached to CSB – the people, the atmosphere, the community. I can't imagine walking away from this place with only my diploma and wonderful memories to remind me of an incredible four years. So I saw being a class representative as an opportunity to continue to deepen my relationship to CSB. I want to stay connected to the inspiring women that I have had the privilege to get to know for four years and work toward making the Class of 2016 a strong, supportive community long after we have thrown our graduation caps in the air and transitioned into life after this special place.

Why I give back: While no one wants to cite finances as a major contributing factor to their college decision, the reality is that money is important. I loved CSB and I knew I had to be a Bennie, but without scholarships and the generous donations of the Bennies that make them possible, my dream would be impossible. I give back because I want the dream of a CSB education to be possible for any young woman - regardless of socioeconomic status.