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Your graduate-level instruction on being a College of Saint Benedict alumna

You may not be a CSB student any more, but you’ll always be a Bennie. And there’s lots for you to learn about staying engaged, keeping connected and getting the most from the power of the CSB alumnae network. You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few freebies (who doesn’t love that?) and small reminders of your CSB home. We look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!

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Letters From Home

We miss you at CSB, and we think of you often and imagine all the things you're doing to let your light shine. Please enjoy this "letter" from your CSB home.

Dear Bennies,

My name is Lisa Miller and I am delighted to work as the Alumnae Relations Associate here at Saint Ben’s. I joined the Alumnae Relations team in August 2018 after having spent several years at SJU in Institutional Advancement. And while I am not an alumna of CSB, I do feel the love in this community that makes so many of us call it “home”.

When I graduated college, I was so excited, nervous and sad. Excited for new adventures. Nervous for facing the unfamiliar. Sad for leaving the friends and activities that had been a part of my personal growth and self-confidence during my college years.

My first job took me out of the state of Minnesota and I was so excited for everything in my life to be new! They were new, but it was also a lonely time as I strived to seek out new friendships and new activities, along with again seeking discovery about who I was and my purpose in life. I had left my college environment full of confidence and ended up at a place in my life where I had no clue who I was.

Little did I realize at the time that I was discovering more about myself in the process. I learned new ways of making friendships, of finding activities that enabled me to discover interests I did not know I had, of teaching me to step outside my comfort zone. I had opportunities to see movies I had not seen, drive to places I had not been, eat at places where I never could afford to eat while in college, read books for leisure, define myself as a working professional, make additional life-long friends, and so much more.

I later went on to Grad school in yet another state, and I found myself less lonely, more confident, and ready for the next adventure. And after Grad school, back to Minnesota for another adventure. The adventures have not stopped, and every point in my journey has resulted in more self-discovery.

As the new year approaches, I hope your life has been full of adventures … and that it continues to do so. Whether you are close to home or far away, we hope that your experiences of excitement, nervousness and sadness have blessed you with discoveries!

All the best,

Lisa Miller
Alumnae Relations Associate

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You’ve got questions? Of course you do. Bennies are lifelong learners — curious by nature. There’s a good chance you’ll find your answers on our FAQ’s page. But, in the unlikely event you don’t, you can contact us, and someone in the Alumnae Relations office will get back to you.