Computer Science

Computer Science Research

Completing the Research Requirement for the Major

By taking a class

The computer science major requires each student to complete a research project as a senior. Most students complete this requirement in a research class, CSCI 373. In this class, each student chooses a topic of current computing research and investigates the state of the field. The student writes a paper and gives a short presentation of the findings.

By doing an Honors Thesis

Other students opt to complete this requirement via an Honors Thesis. Despite its name, students need not be enrolled in the colleges’ Honors program. A student chooses a project topic in coordination with a faculty member and pursues it throughout the senior year, culminating in a paper and a public presentation describing the work. For interested students, it's a neat way to work one-on-one with a faculty member on a topic that they find fascinating.

Research Employment Opportunities

We regularly have research opportunities for students to work with a faculty member on a project during the summer and/or during the school year. Many of these opportunities are with the scientific computing research program run by Professor Mike Heroux, but other professors also involve students with their research.

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