Computer Science

MacKenzie Flickinger ’17

Current Job/Career (feel free to elaborate on what you do):

• Software Engineer at Target HQ. I mainly work as a native Android developer for a mobile app used in stores by team members to do work related to things such as inventory, locations, tasks, and store orders.

Degree’s Earned:

• Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science

What inspired you to become a computer science major?

• After attending Grace Hopper in Minneapolis during my first year of college originally as a physics major, I was inspired and convinced to switch majors to delve into coding. It was also the one STEM field I had no prior experience in compared to math and physics, to which it seemed exciting to dive into the unknown!

How do you use the computer science major in your current career?

• Java foundations and data structures saved my life and gave me the ability to easily learn other objected-oriented languages such Groovy and even more functional languages like Kotlin! Algorithms and Databases have also both come in handy too, especially working with APIs where we have to consider how we call and thread these services alongside each other on a single UI screen.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in computer science?

• Fail fast and have grace for yourself while you learn; it can take some time to pick up something as part of your thought process, and during that learning, you will inevitably run into moments of failure, so realizing it’s a learning opportunity and stepping stone rather than a downfall will help a ton with that!

MacKenzie Flickinger

MacKenzie Flickinger ’17

Android Software Engineer at Target Corporate

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Imad Rahal
Chair, Computer Science Department
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