Major & Minor Requirements

List of courses offered

Our curriculum is organized around the department's primary learning goals:
  • Message Design: Learning to create effective oral and written messages that are appropriate for particular situations and audiences.
  • Analysis of Communication: Learning to think critically about messages - analyzing and evaluating communication.
  • Communication & Community: Understanding the relationship between communication and community to explain how communication shapes participation in social life.

Within each of the learning goals, students are free to choose from among a select group of courses designed to meet that learning goal. In the new curriculum, majors will:

  • Get a well-rounded sense of the Communication curriculum by taking all three of the department's foundation courses.
  • Complete at least one course from each of the department's three learning goals: Message Design, Analysis, and Communication & Community.
  • Complete 40 credits from learning goals and elective courses.
  • Complete a Capstone Course that is an in-depth and detailed consideration of special topic in communication. Students will prepare and present a major research project in the Capstone Course.

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