The Communication Department introduces a new curriculum in Fall 2012.

This means our majors and minors will be working under two different sets of requirements during this transition, one for those who enrolled before Fall 2012 and one for those who enrolled Fall 2012 or later.

Please note that if you enrolled at CSB/SJU before Fall 2012, you may choose to follow either the pre-2012 or new major/minor requirements.

The new curriculum is organized around the department's primary learning goals:

  • Message Design: Learning to create effective oral and written messages that are appropriate for particular situations and audiences.
  • Analysis of Communication:  Learning to think critically about messages - analyzing and evaluating communication.
  • Communication & Community: Understanding the relationship between communication and community to explain how communication shapes participation in social life.

Within each of the learning goals, students are free to choose from among a select group of courses designed to meet that learning goal. In the new curriculum, majors will:

  • Get a well-rounded sense of the Communication curriculum by taking all three of the department's foundation courses.
  • Complete at least one course from each of the department's three learning goals: Message Design, Analysis, and Communication & Community.
  • Complete 40 credits from learning goals and elective courses.
  • Complete a Capstone Course that is an in-depth and detailed consideration of special topic in communication. Students will prepare and present a major research project in the Capstone Course.

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Tommy O'Laughlin '13, Alicia Renstrom '13 and Ian Ward '14