Sexual Assault Bystander Program

Based upon the principle that all members of a community play an important role in preventing interpersonal and relationship violence and sexual assault, this two-hour interactive program helps participants recognize the scope and causes of these forms of violence. It is also designed to help participants understand what skills and knowledge are necessary to effectively and safely intervene to prevent or respond to acts of violence/assault. Building on the general bystander intervention session, this program is designed to offer the opportunity to:

  • Understand the issues and the culture around sexual assault.

  • Understand own attitudes and behaviors regarding sexual assault issues.

  • Understand the red flags and problematic behaviors related to sexual assault.

  • Understand what type of helping behaviors might be needed with sexual assault issues.

  • Reflect on personal helping strategies by participating in discussions using scenarios, video segments and role playing activities.

  • Learn the applicable campus and community resources.

  • Increase the likelihood that helping would occur in situations related to sexual assault.