Our Process

1. Email Us!

 [email protected]

Email us at [email protected]  The main goal of this form is to determine an estimate of how many colors, sides, and the number of apparel items you would like to purchase.  The information contained in this form is sent directly to our sales manager and processed.  Our Sales Manager will contact you within one business day.

2.Get An Estimate


Receive a price estimate.  Our Sales Manager develops a price estimate based on the information provided by the online order form.

3. Work With Our Designer 

 Personal Designer

Our Sales Manager will connect you with a member from the design team.  Our designers can create brand new designs, improve old ones, or turn your ideas into art.   Clubs and groups affiliated with CSB/SJU need approval by Student Activities in order for the T-Spot to print the design.  More information.

4. Place Your Order 

 Place Your Order

After the customer approves the final design, a final estimate is given, the order is officially placed and sent into our shop for printing. **

5. Get Your Apparel

Get Your Apparel

Once the order is completed, our Sales Manager will contact you to deliver your newly created apparel. Payment information will simultaneously occur with delivery process. Pay with cash, check, or budget number.



**Disclaimer: The T-Spot requires a two-week period to process and print any regular order after finalization with our Sales Manager. If any order is needed within the two week period, an additional rush fee may be acceptable upon the request of the customer.