Center Mentor Program

Center Mentors Program:

One of the most powerful learning experiences for students engaged in the McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship programs is their engagement with our Center Mentor program. Mentors provide the sounding board for new ideas, frank feedback regarding everything to concepts, venture viability as well as career pathing, and for many students individuals in their personal and professional networks well beyond their time in our programs. 

During the 2017-18 Academic Year, we are adding a few more ways in which Mentors can help students.

Venture Mentor - Semester Commitment: One in person meeting, two additional meetings (could be video conference, telephone). Depending on the term, you would be a sounding board and advisor students going through the ideation and feasibility phase (ENTR 301 - Spring), business model considerations, venture/product prototyping and customer insights toward feasibility assessment (ENTR 302 - Fall) or completion of comprehensive business plan (ENTR 303 - Spring). Ventures and mentors would be matched by faculty and Center team members each semester. 

Venture Advisor - Commitment: Minimum one 4 hour block of time meeting with 3-4 students - may be scheduled at your convenience Monday-Thursday 8:00am -8:00pm. Ideally scheduled at the CSB/SJU campus, but also can be accommodated by Skype session at the McNeely Center Hatch. You would be providing advice to students on particular venture lifestage issues, startup requirements or specific functional needs to launch the venture. In addition, you may also provide specific industry insight. Prior to your meetings you will receive a summary of the students you will be meeting and a short summary of their agenda for meeting with you. 

If you would like to participate in the Center Mentor Program, please contact Kelli Gradin at [email protected]