Buyback Q & A

Q: Do you buyback textbooks?

A:  Yes, at the end of the semester, during finals week. 

Q: How much money will I get back?

A: Textbooks are a commodity and buyback prices are based on national demand. When instructors at CSB/SJU order textbooks for courses next semester, we create a buyback list. If we know which books are needed and we are not already overstocked, the price you will get back is based upon current market value.  If the instructor has not submitted an order, you have the option to sell your books at the current market value to a used book company. That value, determined by used book companies, is based upon the national demand for the book and whether or not it is a current edition. 

Some books are used in classes that are only taught once a year. In other cases, a book is replaced by a newer edition or by an alternate choice from another publisher.

Q: Why do some books have no value?

A: Books may have no value for the following reasons:

  • Old edition
  • Copyright packets are not eligible for buyback
  • The book is a custom book that needs to be ordered new each semester in order for us to provide an access code or other technology
  • The book has no national demand and it is not being used next semester on campus.
    • This can happen especially in our theology classes as theology books typically don't have a lot of national demand.

Q: Do I need my receipt to sell back book?

A: No

Q: Can I sell them back even if I didn't purchase them at the Bookstore?

A: Yes

Q: Can I sell them at either location?

A: Yes

Q: Can I sell the book back in any condition?

A: Books may not be bought for the following reasons:

  • Binding is weak and close to coming apart.
  • Pages are missing or separating from the binding.
  • Pages are damp, rippled, or stuck together.
  • Pages or binding show evidence of mildew.
  • Writing is evident in a study guide.
  • A book might not be resalable without an original insert, such as a CD-ROM.
    • If resalable without the insert, such a book probably has a lower buyback value without the insert.

Q:  How am I paid for the books I sell back?

A: We pay 100% of the total buyback price in cash.