Benedictine Pedagogy/ABCU Conference

"These students today...": Benedictine perspectives on student ability, desire, hope, and fear

Mount Marty College
13th Annual Benedictine Pedagogy Conference
June 10-13, 2019
Mount Marty College, Yankton, SD

The Benedictine Institute is fully funding a limited number of faculty as well as administrative and support staff to attend.  The deadline to apply for this funding is March 11, 2019. 

The Benedictine Pedagogy Conference provides a venue by which faculty, staff and administrators can share ideas and practices by which they have successfully integrated Benedictine hallmarks in the classroom, student life, and collegiate environment.  The goal of the Benedictine Pedagogy Conference is to help faculty and staff at Catholic Benedictine institutions find ways to enrich the workplace by empowering them through information and tools to better serve the University mission and, as a consequence, enrich the student experience.

This year’s conference has a particular focus on the following issues:

  1. Awakening student desire
  2. The perennial worry over a "crisis" in higher education
  3. Educere: to lead out (root of "education") as meeting students where they're at, where they think they don't want to go, and being taken somewhere by our students
  4. Facilitating student reflection on experience
  5. Educating the strong and the weak according to the Rule
  6. Proposing integrated liberal arts education to contemporary students
  7. Benedictine theology of work and students habits

You may also submit proposals to present at ABCU by following the guidelines in the link below.  If your presentation proposal is accepted, the Benedictine Institute will fund your conference travel.  However, you do not NEED to present to be eligible to receive funding to attend this conference. 

For more information, contact Rodger Narloch ([email protected])

Click here for call for presentation proposals. 

Click here to apply for funding to go to this conference.