Boniface Wimmer/Benedicta Riepp


The Land, the Forest, and the Place of Agriculture at Saint John's by Tom Kroll

Vision and Values: A Design History of Saint Johon's by Br. Robin Pierzina

Saint John's Abbey Church: The Creation of a Modern Sacred Space by Victoria Young

The History of Eichstatt by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Design of the Abbey Church by Br. David Paul Lange


Behind the Beginnings by Sr. Incarnata Girgen

The Reshaping of a Tradition by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann, Ch. 2-3

Saint John's Founder: Boniface Wimmer, in Brief by Peggy Roske

Record of a Journey: Mother Benedicta Riepp by Helen Herbstritt and Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

Prayer & Community: The Benedictine Tradition by Fr. Columba Stewart, Ch. 1 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

Strangers to the City by Michael Casey, Ch. 1.4 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)