Collegium: A Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life

Each year, CSB/SJU sends two faculty to a week-long summer colloquy through Collegium.  However, due to the virtual platform this year, we are able to have four faculty members participate.  If you have been unable to attend in the past becuase you could not be gone from home for a week, this is the perfect year to apply.  The 2021 colloquy will be held virtually June 21-25, 2021.  Collegium is a joint effort by 65 Catholic colleges and universities to develop faculty who can articulate and enrich the spiritual and intellectual life of their institutions.  One of the first things to know is that Collegium is NOT an experience meant only for people of Catholic faith.  The common link between the approximately 70 faculty participants from around the country is that everyone works at a Catholic college or university.  These faculty come together to explore and discuss what may be unique about higher education at a Catholic school, what may be advantages, and what may be challenges or difficulties.  The goal is to better understand the context within which we all work and for faculty members to reflect on what role they play within that context. At every Collegium there are people of a wide variety of religious faiths as well as those who openly reject religious faith.  Furthermore, Collegium is led by a very open group of people who care deeply about creating safe spaces for having important, in-depth, and honest conversations relating to the intellectual life of faculty within the Catholic higher education landscape.

You can also find out more information at:  If you have questions, please contact Rodger Narloch ([email protected]).  Alternatively, below are a sampling of CSB/SJU faculty who have attended in the past and who would be happy to chat with you about their experience:

Jonathan Nash      Parker Wheatley
Yvette South Ana Conboy
Sophia Geng Erica Stonestreet
Jeanne Cofell Ed McIntee
Mary Jepperson Kaarin Johnston

Please apply by April 30, 2021: Application Link