Additional Benedictine Opportunities

In addition to programming, the Benedictine Institute has identified a number of other ways to help members of our community to learn about the Catholic Benedictine perspective and explore what it might mean for one's own teaching or work. Please contact the Benedictine Institute or Rodger Narloch to take advantage of any of these resources. We look forward to getting to know you and helping us all to grow in our understanding and appreciation for our Benedictine heritage. 

Benedictine Institute Catholic Benedictine Library 

Benedictine eBook Links

List of Monastic Guest Lecturers

Monastic Liaisons for Classroom Instructors

Tuition Support for Benedictine Spirituality Courses 

Support for Travel to Catholic Benedictine-related Conferences

Again, please feel free to contact the Benedictine Institute or Rodger Narloch with any questions or requests. The Benedictine Institute is located in Quad 241 at Saint John's University.