Call For Proposal — Seed Grants

Call for Proposals Now Closed

Becoming Community Call for Research, Practice, and Implementation Proposals on Inclusion at CSB/SJU

Funded by the Mellon Foundation

Faculty, staff, and student groups are invited to propose projects that are designed to improve inclusivity at CSB/SJU. 

Projects are eligible for up to $3000 of grant funding, per proposal.

We seek proposals that will address a broad cross section of life at our institutions, including work that addresses aspects of institutional structures, departments, policies or procedures, programming, curriculum, disciplinary best practices, increasing engagement and involvement, and environment.

In addition to research proposals, we also welcome proposals from departments and units for diversity and inclusion initiatives (e.g., for departmental retreats, workshops, targeted professional development, travel to field‐specific conferences on issues such as diversifying curriculum, consultants, etc.). In collaboration with faculty or staff, students or student groups are also encouraged to submit proposals that will enhance our ability and capability of creating transformative inclusion that is focused specifically towards students, faculty and staff, or the larger CSB/SJU and surrounding community.

This work is needed in order to transform CSB/SJU into a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

Submit Proposals on Inclusion at CSB/SJU

Proposals will be reviewed on Feb. 1, but will also be considered on a rolling basis, as funding allows.


Proposals should be submitted by including the following information:

  • Include the names and positions of all members of the proposal team
  • State the purpose of the proposed project
  • Provide details regarding the proposed method and procedure or anticipated outcomes
  • Include a timeline for tasks (mid-grant progress report required, final report due Fall 2020)
  • Include a proposed budget of up to $3000 (allowable expenses may include supplies, stipend for faculty and students, travel, training, consultants, incentives, and other materials)
  • Provide a dissemination plan


The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible questions or topics that you may address:

  1. Do the programs and services in your program/department reflect inclusive best practice?  How do you measure inclusive excellence in your programs/departments?  Do your programs and services take into account the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students?  If so, how? Or, propose how you may implement best practices here at CSB/SJU.
  2. What is the climate like for students of various identities in your department or program?  Is the climate better or worse in your department/program than in the institution as a whole?  What specific factors influence students’ perception of the climate in your department/program?  What will you learn from this that will help your department/program capitalize on its strengths and/or address shortcomings? Or, propose how you may implement initiatives to improve the climate in your department or program.
  3. Are the academic opportunities in your department or program accessible for all students?  If not, what barriers prevent access for some groups of students?  What measures can be taken to eliminate these barriers? Or, propose how you may implement universal design strategies in your department or program.
  4. Does the curriculum in your department reflect the knowledge contributions of persons from a broad array of nationalities, ethnicities, races, and genders or does it remain masculine and/or Eurocentric in orientation?  How have departments across the country redesigned their curriculum to include a broader range of perspectives?  How might your department revise its curriculum in light of what your research uncovers? Or, propose how your department may diversify its curriculum.
  5. How might units/departments recruit and retain more diverse faculty and staff? Which barriers to effective recruitment and retention currently exist? What are best practices that may be applied here?
  6. Who is currently invested in inclusivity work at CSB/SJU and who is not? How do we increase engagement? What are barriers and supports? Or, craft a proposed initiative that will increase engagement in this work in your department or unit.
  7. What specific skills should students, faculty, or staff learn, develop, utilize, or improve upon so there are more equitable outcomes inside and outside of classroom? Or, propose skills-building initiatives for your department or program.