Other Asia Connections


  • Erin Gleason ('03) wrote an honors thesis on the destruction of Cambodian artistic traditions by the Khmer Rouges; mounted an exhibition of photographs of the aftermath of Cambodia's "Killing Fields," and now pursues art-related NGO work in Cambodia.


  • Brian Heilman (SJU '06) was awarded an America India Foundation Service Corps Fellowship to promote the expansion of NGOs in Bengal, India. 


  • Biraj Bista (SJU '00) worked for an NGO which promotes reproductive health in his native Nepal and is now pursuing an environmental studies Ph.D. in South Korea in preparation for taking this expertise back to Nepal after he graduates.


  • Rebecca Starr (CSB '02), an individualized Asian Studies major, won a Rotary International Scholarship for multi-year Chinese language study in Taiwan. 


  • Paul C. Park (SJU '16), English Teaching Assistant (Fulbright ETA) Email: [email protected]
  • Eve Vang (CSB '07), who, with her faculty adviser, Manju Parikh, received one of four coveted 2006-07 grants from the Social Science Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research to study the public health ramifications of the Minnesota Hmong experience, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to research Hmong in Thailand.
  • James Zamjahn (SJU '04) taught business in Thailand and earned an Asia-focused MBA degree.
  • Mary Ebnet (CSB '01) taught English to Buddhist monks in Thailand through Maryknoll.
  • Gretchen Weber (CSB '01) co-taught with Mary in Thailand.

South Korea 

  • Lee Miller (SJU '07) became interested in Asia in an FYS class, pursued an accounting career, and recently began teaching English in South Korea.
  • Mark Murphy (SJU '06) wrote an outstanding senior History thesis on late-imperial Korean contact with the West, taught English in South Korea for several years, earned his M.A. degree in international relations at Yonsei University in Seoul, and is about to graduate from law school.
  • Heidi Rodning Park (CSB '04) developed ESL materials and did graduate studies in South Korea and has pursued a journalism career.

Saudi Arabia 

  • John Van Rooy (SJU '07) taught English in Jaipur, India, won a prestigious William J. Clinton Fellowship in South Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin, and is now teaching English in Saudi Arabia


  • Jonathan Keillor (SJU '07), an Individualized Asian Studies Major, wrote a prize-winning honors thesis on "Hakka Cultural Influence on the Taiping Rebellion" and presented it at the 2007 National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Salisbury University in Maryland.  He graduated from Duke University Law School with a specialty in Asian law and is now an attorney in Vietnam.