ASP Major Checklist

Students majoring in Asian Studies will be required to complete 48 credits of courses from the interdisciplinary offerings listed below. An introductory level course, ASIA 200, to be taken in the spring of the sophomore year, will expose students to a broad understanding of Asian Studies as a discipline. ASIA 399, taken in the senior year, will act as a capstone experience in which students will explore a chosen topic in a more in-depth manner under the guidance of the Asian Studies faculty. Students majoring in Asian Studies are required to study an Asian language through the intermediate (CHIN212 or JAPN212) level; additional English-language courses to complete the major should be selected based on the student's specific interest, and in consultation with a faculty advisor. While most Asian Studies courses are centered on the humanities, students are expected to take at least 8 credits from the social sciences or the arts. All courses taken through CSB/SJU study abroad programs in China, Japan, and India will count toward the elective course requirements for the Asian Studies major.

Students will pursue a three-course concentration that is thematic, geographic, or chronological (e.g. "women in Asia," "India," or "nineteenth-century Asia") and which is explained in the student focus statement developed in the ASA 200 course and in consultation with the Chair of Asian Studies.

Asian Studies students must complete their Common Curriculum Experiential Learning requirement through an Asia- or Asian America-related experience which include but is not necessarily limited to CSB/SJU-approved semester study abroad, internship, teaching, and service learning activities related to the student's chosen concentration.

No more than 4 credits from non-CSB/SJU study abroad experiences will apply toward the Asian Studies major without prior approval of the Chair of Asian Studies.

Required courses:
ASIA 200
ASIA 399
CHIN 212, JAPN 212, or Bengali Abroad
HIST 114  HIST 115       
(HIST 116 and HIST 117 are no longer offered but do count as required ASP courses)

Electives (28 credits):
8 credits (non-humanities) ­­­­­­­­
20 credits (must be 300-level)
(No more than 8 credits of language can count for the major.  You CAN get credit for CHIN 311 and 312, or JAPN 311 and 312, but no additional language credits would count. This   rule doesn't apply to LNGS Literature courses taught in English.)
Experiential Learning Activity
Three Course Concentration