Student Spotlight

Meet Lauren Pfeffer and Lloyd Young

Lauren is a junior accounting major at the College of Saint Benedict who works as a teaching assistant in the department. She is also an office assistant in the residential life office, serves as the treasurer of Bennies in Business and is part of the Benedictine Friends Program.

She will start an internship with Deloitte this coming summer in their audit practice.

Lloyd is a senior accounting major at Saint John’s University who also works as a TA in the department. In addition, he’s an All-American cross country runner and a standout in track and field, as well as being a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard.

He will intern in the tax department of PricewaterhouseCoopers this summer before graduating next fall.

They sat down to discuss their own stories, and to share their thoughts on why high achievement and the accounting major at CSB and SJU seem to so often go hand-in-hand.