Student Activities

Clubs and organizations

There are abundant opportunities for student involvement and leadership development on Saint Benedict's and Saint John's campuses. The Joint Events Council, made up of students from both colleges, plans social, cultural, recreational and educational events for the campus community. Approximately 80 other clubs and organizations exist to meet students' specific interests in a wide variety of areas including academic, cultural, media, service, social justice, sports/recreational and special interest.

Intramural programs

The intramural programs at Saint Benedict's and Saint John's provide the opportunity for students and faculty to participate in a variety of men's, women's and co-rec activities. During the school year the intramural programs sponsor softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, racquetball, soccer, flag football and other sports like kickball and dodgeball. One-day special events programs are part of the intramural schedule, including the campus wide dodgeball tournament at Saint John's. There is variety of equipment available at the CSB Intramural Desk and the SJU Fitness Center to check-out for use as well. An Olympic-size swimming pool is available for daily open swimming. The fitness center provides students with resistance training machines and free weights for strength building workouts. Information is sent to students prior to each intramural season.