The Writing Center 

The Writing Center provides writing assistance to all members of our academic community. Well-qualified peer tutors offer free, individualized, intelligent response to writers and their writing questions.

The Writing Center, with an office on each campus, welcomes writers at all skill levels: honor students, first-year writers, writers from every major, students with learning disabilities, students for whom English is not a first language, graduate students, staff and faculty. Writers are welcome to bring in any piece of writing, ranging from essays, lab reports, or letters of application to works of reflection, fact, or fiction. Some writers want a one-time-only appointment for work on a particular piece of writing; others want to establish a series of appointments to achieve personal or program goals.

During an appointment, the writer and the tutor work together to identify and meet the writer's needs. Usually writers who use Writing Center services seek help in one of three general areas:

  1. initiating the writing process (figuring out the assignment, talking through a topic, organizing ideas),
  2. revising (refocusing the text to better support the thesis, polishing an introduction or conclusion, taking the text to the next level),
  3. managing conventions of standard written English (correcting sentence structures or grammatical forms).

Writers can make an appointment online or by telephone; walk-in appointments are welcome if a tutor is available.