Social Science

Program Director: Theresa Johnson


The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University offer a Teaching Major for Grades 5-12 in Social Science.

Social Science Teaching Major 5-12 (48 credits)
This concentration is offered for students interested in teaching social science in the middle and secondary schools (grades 5-12). The social science curriculum includes course work in a variety of disciplines. Hence, this concentration provides a broad base of course work with depth in those areas most frequently taught. Students must complete the course work described below in addition to fulfilling the requirements for the secondary education minor.


The Education Department will take responsibility for assessing student performance for the Social Science Teaching Major for Grades 5-12.

Required Courses:
1. SOCI 111, SOCI 121, ECON 111, GEOG 230, HIST 152, HIST 365 (or EDUC 309), HIST 389, PSYC 111, POLS 111 and POLS 121.
2. Plus two upper-division courses from one area of focus chosen from the following:
A. Economics: Choose any two upper division 4-credit ECON courses.
B. History: Choose two additional upper division 4-credit HIST courses.
C. Political Science: Choose two upper division 4-credit POLS courses.
D. Geography: Choose two upper division 4-credit ENVR/GEOG courses. 

Students planning to complete the program for social science/secondary education should consult with the Social Science Education Advisor as soon as possible.