Acceptance to Major Study Field

Early in the spring semester of the sophomore year and before registration as a junior, each student must choose a major field of study and make application as a degree candidate to the chair of the appropriate department or division. To be accepted into a major, a student must have achieved a C (2.00) cumulative grade point average by the end of the first three semesters and a C cumulative grade point average in the courses of the intended major. Some departments may require a BC (2.50) or higher cumulative grade point average.

Acceptance to a major is required to be able to register for the first semester of the junior year. A student will be admitted to a major field if the departmental chair of that major approves the application. That acceptance may be conditional. Conditional acceptance means that the student may proceed with registration but must satisfy conditions stipulated by the department before the next registration period. A student not accepted into a major may consult Academic Advising for possible alternatives in proceeding with registration.