Advisors: Manuel Campos, David Mitchell

Dental schools consider majors in any discipline to be acceptable for admission.  Prerequisite coursework most often includes one year of biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, and one semester of biochemistry and mathematics.  Upper division coursework in literature and in courses that have an intensive writing component are also typically required.

Admission to dental school is competitive and the admission process considers coursework, grades, performance on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), dental exposure, manual dexterity, letters of evaluation and personal interviews during the time an applicant is applying to dental school.  General information can be found in the CSB/SJU pre-professional health programs web page (  Additional resources include the American Dental Association web site ( and the American Dental Education Association (

CSB/SJU course work that meets the standards of the DAT exam includes Biology 101 and 201 as well as Chemistry 125, 201, 202, 203, 205, 250, 251, and 255.  Physics 105 and 106 do not need to be completed before taking the DAT.  The DAT includes sections on college algebra (trigonometry) and a perception motor-ability test section.  Applicants are encouraged to take practice tests in these areas and to consider taking mathematics before taking the DAT.  Coursework in the fine arts, business, and upper division biology are encouraged.

A few dental schools admit students after three years of undergraduate study.  A three/one program is available at Saint Benedict's and Saint John's for students interested in this option.  Students remain at the colleges for three years, during which time they complete all common curriculum requirements and all major requirements in a natural science program, except for four upper-division courses.  Sufficient credits may then be transferred from the first year of dental school to complete the CSB/SJU degree requirements.  Students need prior approval from the department chair of their major for any coursework from dental school to fulfill a course in their major.  In addition, prior approval from the Academic Advising Office is required for any coursework to fulfill a common curriculum requirement.  Students contemplating a three/one program should consult early with the natural science chair.