Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is central to the mission, character and reputation of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.  As Catholic and Benedictine institutions, we uphold ethical standards of conduct that demand integrity in all aspects of our lives, including the academic.  The liberal arts mission of our institutions demands honesty, as academic manifestations of the Benedictine commitments to truthful living and love of learning.  CSB/SJU are committed to our students' scholarly and holistic development within a context of mentorship and guidance; we expect that students will progress, as in an apprenticeship, to greater levels of skill, originality, effectiveness, and autonomy as they complete each year of undergraduate education.  Faculty members are committed to support and evaluate impartially the aptitudes and achievements of their students, a developmental process that works only when students present their own work.  The reputation of our students, alumni/alumnae, faculty, staff, and benefactors depends on our devotion to the highest of academic standards.