Individual Learning Projects

Individual Learning Projects:  DEPT 271 or 371

An individual learning project (ILP) is a well-developed course of study planned and carried out by a student. It provides opportunity to pursue academic interests in several ways: tutorial studies, directed studies and individually studied courses.

In undertaking an individual learning project, a student structures a college-level course and assumes responsibility for bringing it to fruition. A student plans a syllabus which identifies the goals, problems, methods, resources and evaluative criteria of the study. The faculty moderator gives initial approval of the project, is available for consultation and assumes responsibility for submitting a final evaluation. A department chair must approve any ILP.  Unless a specific department specifies an earlier deadline, students must submit a detailed proposal for an ILP to the faculty moderator and department chair prior to the beginning of the semester.


  • Students are not eligible for individual learning projects until the start of their second year in college as a degree seeking student.
  • No more than four ILP credits may be undertaken within a semester.
  • Upper-division ILPs have as a prerequisite the completion of 12 other credits of coursework within the department prior to the start of the ILP semester.
  • Summer ILP's may only be moderated by tenured faculty who are under contract for the following academic year.
  • Summer ILP's may only be completed by students who have accumulated at least 84 academic credits.
  • An ILP may not count toward a major unless approved by the department chair.
  • An ILP may not count toward the Common Curriculum unless approved by Academic Advising.