Course Numbers

Courses are organized numerically in three groups: 100-299 (lower-division undergraduate courses); 300-399 (upper-division undergraduate courses); 400 and above (graduate courses School of Theology).  These numbers distinguish the level of specialization and expertise required at the beginning (1oo level), intermediate (2oo level), and advanced (300 level) of college study. Courses at the 100 level introduce students to a particular discipline and may involve review of high school material, whereas others require no prior knowledge. These introductory courses are usually prerequisites for coursework at the 200 and 3oo level. At the 200 level, students demonstrate intermediate understanding and mastery of concepts, professional standards, methods, and skills. Courses at the 300 level demand independent and critical mastery of methods as well as the ability to integrate theoretical knowledge appropriate to the discipline. These advanced courses may be limited to majors/minors in the program or may be open to others as electives or common curriculum courses.