Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary Program Director: Jean Keller

Gender Studies is a multi- and interdisciplinary field of study in which students critically examine sex and gender as social constructs that vary across temporal, spatial, and cultural boundaries. The program incorporates a variety of methodologies and theoretical approaches and elective courses span the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and natural sciences.  Students in the Gender Studies major and minor  analyze and critique social and cultural systems of power that create and reinforce hierachies of difference.  They gain an understanding of how constructs of sex and gender function in their own lives as they intersect with race, class, age, ethnicity, sexuality, and ability and examine how they inform their interactions with others.

Acceptance to Major Requirements

Course Requirements:  GEND 101 or 201 plus one other course that counts for Gender Studies
Minimum Grade and/or GPA for required courses:  grade of C or better
Minimum Cumulative GPA:  2.00

Major (40 Credits)


  1. GEND 101 (4 credits)
  2. GEND 201J, 201M, 202J, or 202M (4 credits)
  3. GEND 380T
  4. GEND 381J, 381M, 382J or 382M (4 credits)
  5. GEND 385 (capstone) (4 credits)
  6. 4-5 additional 4 credit courses (16-20 credits)

Elective courses must be selected from approved GEND electives.  No more than three courses that count toward another major can be applied to the GEND major.

Minor (20 Credits)


  1. GEND 101 (4 credits)
  2. GEND 201 (4 credits)
  3. GEND 380 (4 credits)
  4. At least 2 additional elective courses. (total of 8 credits)

At least 4 credits of the remaining 8 elective credits must be at the 300-level. No more than 8 credits should be taken from the same department.

Courses currently approved for the Gender and Women's Studies minor include the following: 

COMM 305 , 351, 368
ECON 325
ENGL 221C, 348B, 381, 382, 383, 385E
ESSS 320 
HIST 333
HISP 349, 355B, 355I
HUMN 223, HUMN 300A
PCST 351
PHIL 153, 325
POLS 314, 339, 352, 358D
PSYC 308
SOCI 319, 329, 337P
THEO 307, 309C, 329A, 329E, 342, 369C

Please consult the program's website ( for up-to-date course and program information.

Courses (GEND)