Tools Used at CSB/SJU

The following is intended as a quick reference guide on the most common learning tools that are universally used across the CSB/SJU campuses.


Canvas Logo

Canvas is used for professors to post homework, grades, announcements and class discussions for students in their classes to view and complete. 



Clockwork is a program used by Student Accessibility Services in which students with registered accommodations can schedule a test or exam, read course notes, view accommodation letters, register for courses, schedule an appointment, create a personal calendar, or access alternate textbooks to meet their accommodation needs.


Handshake Logo

Handshake is a program used by the XPD which allows students to create a profile listing their coursework, relevant career experience, and involvement on campus. Students can also search for internships or potential careers on Handshake.

The Hive

the hive

The Hive is an academic advising program which allows students to easily schedule appointments with faculty and staff on campus, as well as issue students progress reports on their grades.


Portfolium Logo

Portfolium is an academic portfolio network, allowing students to showcase their work, projects and experiences well beyond the limits of a traditional resume and transcript, proving the true value of their education and future.