Student Opinion Surveys

The Office of Academic Assessment and Effectiveness takes great pride in providing the CSB/SJU course surveys courtesy of IASystem. By using course surveys, we are able to improve educational practices through student feedback of instructor and course satisifaction. Course surveys allow for students to have a voice in how effective the institutions' courses are in satisfying their educational needs. 

At the end of each course, instructors are required to allow time in class for students to complete the course surveys. Surveys are completed by students from a link which the instructor sends out to their CSB/SJU email account. Instructors leave the room during this time to provide a space where students feel comfortable sharing their opinions without instructor influence.


IASystem Faculty Login Portal 

IASystem Administrative/Chairs Login Portal

Forms: IASystem provides several sample evaluation forms. The IASystem course evaluation is available online as standard forms, but there is the opportunity for instructors to add additional questions to the forms.

For Assistance

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the IASystem course surveys, please contact the OAAE office.