Program Review Workshops

Cohort II

The following workshops are open to all faculty interested in learning more about the program review process at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. They may be of particular interest to academic programs involved in the development of self-study documentation.

Program Review 101 – May 2019

This workshop will introduce participants to the program review process. Attendees will receive a copy of the Program Review Guidebook, learn about the new review cycle, and be introduced to the self-study templates. Peer and aspiration program selection, program review lead’s responsibilities and compensation, and other budget functions will also be covered.

Program Review 201 – October 2019

This workshop will walk participants through various data procedures. Participants will discuss strategies for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. External reviewer selection, the role of Taskstream, and campus-wide surveys will also be covered.

Program Review 301 – March 2020

This workshop is offered for those academic departments and programs who would benefit from one-on-one consultation with members of the Office of Academic Assessment and Effectiveness.

Program Review 401 – October 2020

This workshop will prepare participants for the site visit and the external reviewers reporting requirements. Attendees will learn about budget policies and processes, campus resources, and general visitation guidelines.

Program Review 501 – March 2021

The final workshop in this series will focus on strategies for preparing a response to external reviewer’s recommendations. Participants will develop action plans regarding curriculum changes, strategic planning, and resource allocation. The procedures for future annual reporting will also be discussed.