Department Chair's Handbook

The Department Chair's Handbook is a set of guidelines set forth to help each chair be as effective and efficient as possible. The materials herein do not necessarily represent policy - but include references to policy materials as appropriate. The Faculty Handbook is the policy document that governs many of our day-to-day responsibilities and rights.

If you identify areas of the Handbook which you believe require revision, please contact Richard Ice or Karen Erickson.

Chapter 1: Department Chair Calendar
Important dates to know throughout the academic year.

Chapter 2: Chair Interaction with the Registrar's Office
Application for Degree, Course Offerings, Evaluation of Transfer Credits, Independent Learning Projects, Individualized Major, Internships, Registrar's Office Annual Report, Upper Division Acceptance, Banner Web Self-Service

Chapter 3: Chair Interaction with and Responsibilities to Students
Advising, Grade Challenges, Academic Honesty and Plagiarism, Transcript Evaluations, Student Records, Parents

Chapter 4: Chair Interaction with Department Faculty
Hiring, Assistance to New Faculty, Mentoring, Reviews of Probationary Faculty, Third Year Review, Tenure Review/Promotion, Adjunct and Term Contract Faculty, Course Assignments, Letters of Support: Sabbaticals and Study Abroad; Service Learning, Problems with Department Faculty Members

Chapter 5: Chair Interaction with Academic Dean, Vice Provost, and Provost
Interaction with Academic Dean, Interaction with Vice Provost, Hiring Process, annual Reviews of Probationary Faculty, Integrated Annual Reports (IAR), Provost's Role, Chairs' Meetings, Selection of Chair

Chapter 6: Chair Budget Guide
Introduction, General Information and Expectations, Notes on Budget Lines: Student Salaries - General and Research, Travel, Office Expense, Telephone, Supplies, Assessment, Capital - Technology and Other, Repair/Replacement, Allocations, Program Review; Skeleton Key to Budget Reports

Chapter 7: Faculty Hiring
Hiring Requests, Authorization to Hire, Elements of the Recruitment Process

Chapter 8: Chair Involvement in Assessment and Program Review
Assessment, Program Review

Chapter 9: Chair Interaction with the Office for Education Abroad (OEA)
Faculty Selection for Study Abroad, Short-Term Programs

Chapter 10: Chair Interaction with the Director of the Common Curriculum

Chapter 11: Chair Responsibilities - Certain Legal Matters

Chapter 12: Faculty Handbook
Sections of the Faculty Handbook that pertain to Department Chairs

Appendices 1-4.