Child Care and Tutoring

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A dependent care FSA allows you to set aside a portion of your salary pre-tax to pay for dependent care expenses from licensed day care facilities, licensed pre-school and after-school programs, in home care services, and special day camp expenses. Visit the HR Intranet site for further details.

Off-Campus Child Care

The following links will help you find options for child care providers in the greater St. Cloud area: 

These local child care options are often used by CSB and SJU faculty and staff: 

Working When Your Child is Ill

If you are concerned about your ability to perform your job responsibilities due to illness within your family, you are encouraged to speak with your supervisor or an HR representative (if you are a staff member) or with your Department Chair and Dean of the Faculty (if you are faculty) regarding your needs.

Academic Affairs shared the following information for faculty on August 23, 2021:

Faculty members are expected to follow the handbook as it relates to sick children or family members: "A faculty member who must be absent from a class due to illness of self or family member or other due cause is expected to try to make arrangements for alternative instruction. The faculty member should inform the department chair and departmental coordinator of the alternative arrangements and arrange for timely notification to students, especially in the event the class must be cancelled."

If a faculty member has a sick family member, there may be an option to teach remotely during this time period (as per the attendance policy, remote teaching is to be conducted “only occasionally”). 

Tutoring Support

Tutoring from CSB and SJU Education Majors
Education tutors available for CSB and SJU employees' children! If your child needs extra academic support this upcoming year, the CSB and SJU education department will assist you in finding a tutor. Tutoring could be offered in-person or virtually. This would be a paid position for the student tutor. If interested, please complete the survey at https://www.csbsju.edu/forms/D0WPKVY9UB or contact Mary Jo Leighton for more information.