Important Message from President Hinton

Our nation has once again found itself struggling with the aftermath of systemic racism and racial disparity. The killing of George Floyd has not only reminded us of the impact of racism but also has forced us to discern those things we will speak out about and to state what we, as a community, cannot tolerate.

I write to remind the College of Saint Benedict community that we were founded on the premise of seeing and honoring the humanity of all persons. We were founded on Benedictine values that demand respect for all human beings and that privilege the value of dwelling in community for all people. We were founded to give voice and opportunity to the marginalized and disenfranchised. Recent events, and all acts of racism, are directly counter to the values upon which we were founded and what we stand for today. Our mission demands that we actively speak out for our values.

Please know that I share your pain and your anger about the racist, difficult events that have unfolded. I lift you in prayer and ask that you do the same for me and all impacted communities. And, I ask that, as a community, we use our voice to speak, from a place of our values, about the importance of dismantling racism in all its forms.

Mary Dana Hinton
College of Saint Benedict