Saint John's University Student Senate

Welcome to the Saint John's Senate Student Information Center! Here you will find many of the most commonly needed resources for you to fully participate in student life on the Saint John's campus, whether you are looking for parking information, how to register a party, or how to present an issue to the student senate for funding, you'll be able to find it here! Students are welcome to attend meetings or review our minutes.

The Saint John's Senate holds office hours regularly.

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St. John's Senate

Roster 2013-14

Executive Board

President: Andrew Hovel

Vice President: Conner Griffin

Trustee: Tyler Brown


Activities and Allocations Board

Chairman: Joseph Thompson

Treasurer: Perron Armaly

Club Auditor: Patrick Wold

Club Auditor: Ben Hutterer and Kirby Wagner

Club Auditor: Andy Kuhl


Judicial Board

Chairman: Dwight Higgs

Campus Policies and Procedures Rep: Joe Pollei and Peter Vakulskas

Community Relations Rep: Luke Newgaard and Andrew Zurn

Academic Affairs Rep: Matt Devery and Alex Wald

Men's Issues Rep: Forrest Anderson


Student Services Board

Chairman: Josh Rebholz

Campus Events: Ben Sandkamp


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