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Faculty Questions

How do I enter my grades online?

Grades are entered through Banner Web Self Service.  Instructions for entering them can be found here.

I entered my grades on Banner but am told an incomplete I submitted is still missing.  What happened?

When you enter grades on your roster, after hitting "submit" you will come to a second screen where you are asked to verify the incomplete.  You must hit submit a second time for the incomplete to post to the student's record.  If you omit the second step, the incomplete will not post & the grade will show as blank.

How do I submit a grade change?

Grade changes cannot be made through Banner.  A grade change can be submitted using our automated online grade change form (preferred method) or by submitting the information via email to the Registrar's Office.  If submitting by email, please send a separate email for each student and include student's name, Banner ID, term, course (CRN, XXXX-XXX-01A), old grade/new grade & reason for change.  For School of Theology grade changes, use the online grade change form for SOT.

Where can I find information on the official grade policy of the university?

Additional information regarding the official university policy can be found on our website: 

How do I approve an online form request?

Click on the link embedded in the message your received from "Forms Manager".  Indicate your decision, type your name (signature) & submit.

Where do I find a list of all courses that have been approved be meet Common Curriculum requirements?

This information is available through the Registrar's Office website:

Where do I find the Final Exam Schedule?

It is posted on the Registrar's Office website under General Information.  You will find it listed under this category in the left sidebar.

Is there a place I can go to run rosters, lists & other helpful items?

Many useful reports are available through the Online Department Reports link on the Registrar's Office homepage.

I want to view previous versions of the printed (book) class schedules.  Are they available for viewing?

You may view the printed version of the class schedule dating back to Fall 2001.  They are available along with the posted updates for each semester on the Registrar's Office website: