Philip G. Galanis

Managing Partner, HLB Galanis and Company 

Philip C. Galanis received a BA from Saint John's in 1975 and an MBA from Rutgers University in 1978. He is managing partner of HLB Galanis & Co, Chartered Accountants, Forensic & Litigation Support Services. Phil has extensive experience in auditing, corporate finance, liquidations, receiverships, forensic accounting, and litigation support services.  Phil has also served fifteen years in the Parliament of The Bahamas, one term in the House of Assembly and two terms in the Senate. He is presently the Chairman of The Bahamas Trade Commission and the country's Lead Negotiator for admission to the World Trade Organization. He is married to Tonya Bastian Galanis and they live in Nassau, Bahamas with their daughter, Zoë.  Phil has two grown sons, Isaac and David.