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Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary's operations are returning to in-person.  Help us spring back from the effects of the pandemic!

We are here - to support our students
We are here - lifting your community in prayer
We are here - serving others as Christ

The same Catholic and Benedictine tradition that aided through two world wars and the Depression in the late 1920s is still here. We turn to that same strong theological and spiritual tradition to make us see a bigger reality in this time of crisis in our land due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our remarkable community of students and graduates is lifting you in prayer and serving others under the power of the Holy Spirit. We are confident that God is looking kindly upon them so that they might inspire others to realize that God is near in anxious and dark times. It is our hope that you too find such spiritual nourishment and support at this time.

We are relying on you to help us carry out our mission of passing on the testimony of how God is with us in good times and in bad. General support for the ongoing function of the school is still needed. Professors are still teaching, students are still in class (hybrid), and staff members are still performing their service. The annual fund goal of $540,000 began July 1. We are on our way! 

Tell your family and friends - we are here! Give your gift today and help support our mission to provide sound theological education that gives comfort and guidance in times like these:

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